Inspiration In The Form of Other Blogs

I had to use the thesaurus to find the word I was looking for = inspiration (even though I use it a lot). Then the dictionary for the spelling. Good grief! and again for how to spell thesaurus…sigh…They don’t tell you about that on the Big Guide to Blogs do they?

Ok so I found the painter, Dan May’s site – his work reminded me a bit of Lady GaGa for some reason, and I like his ideas.

it’s quite fascinating just going from link to link isn’t it?

This site (which should be called Very Interesting Photos) really is inspiring for me, being a lover of made up portraits. Some fantastic reference material here. O the things I will do to them in photoshop!  It’s almost as good as the awkward family photo’s site.

Very Interesting Stuff: the New Scientist site: an artist has designed a ‘skin’ that is bullet proof. This spider silk craze is catching on. Maybe its what the aliens/UFO’s use?

Headless Chickens too.  I was going to make a link of this but she’s got most of them already. have a Look.

P.S. You’ll have to forgive the grammar and all that but I’m (luckily) a bit dyslexic so have a good excuse. yay!