New Browsings

In my latest roundup of browsings I found the Culture 24 site which has just about any and every exhibition in the UK. So if you fancy going to one today….go! An article that caught my eye was this one on Synaesthesia but it worried me, I mean, what if you’re tuned in wrong? Not as in colour blindness but if your senses have it wrong. Sounds another area fraught with difficulties re painting and the Nightmare of Fashion.

But let us move on (quickly).  I liked this quote from Hi Fructose Magazine

(someones pic)

about home and what it means.

It’s Nice That has various links including the Charlie Brooker Sun Poem on youtube which is up to his usual brilliant standard. As it should be, no doubt.

I also found this on the Guardian site or twitter or somewhere. It’s called How To Dress in items such as ‘third piece knitwear’ and other things I never heard of. I really must watch all the vids at some point but at least I’ve made a link so I can look it up later…A more interesting angle is presented by  Cindy Sherman – hopefully her retrospective exhibition will come to the UK.

There’s always the question What is Fashion ‘ popular (or unpopular) and considered (or not considered) to be attractive at the time in question’..(my dictionary) discuss.

As with the Crunk Feminist Collective for all you lady readers out there. A man-friend once told me I could be a feminist if I liked. Which was nice (tee hee).

Artists for the NHS is a little tumblr site with a random button. Yay artists! (etc). It’s amazing isn’t it when there’s Big Sh*t about to hit the fan the government bring out the Falklands, Disability/NHS reviews and The Queen. Divide, Rule and Distract. Anti heroin campaigns aren’t enough these days. Not like the ’80’s…you lot don’t know you’re born ad infinitum.

Another very serious matter reported by the International Journal of Nonsense is that Rolf Harris has been kidnapped! Oh no, it’s all ok see the link on the page. Have a look, don’t be lazy.

WARNING: Potentially scary site the Activist Post – if you can tell me what this is all about and if we need to be scared, please let me know and I’ll act appropriately.

The Huffington Post site on the other hand is a bit of scary and a bit of not scary. Although the debris from the Japanese tsunami is definitely NOT ‘art’,  am sure there’ll be loads of artists who’d be very grateful for pointers as to where to find what they need to make ART out of rubbish. Also the tsunami debris might be added to the other rubbish floating off the coast of America so someone will probably make a floating city or something. I expect. But at least they are cleaning up space. It’s covered in sh*t, apparently. That’s worth the $11 MILLION it’ll cost, even though there’s over 1 million homeless kids in the USA. Sometimes it all seems a bit strange doesn’t it.

Ohh it’s getting a bit political – should art be political?  There’s a subject for your essay, am sure I’ve done one of those but, oddly, can’t remember the outcome… 

Anyway, here’s a list of those*Highly Successful traits in highly successful people. (sigh). To show I bear no ill will – If you are Highly Successful this little mac app address book looks very exciting!

But on the other side of being a HP, there’s all this FBI stuff about Steve Jobs and his small business.

NOTE (not strictly related either): appropriating (is not stealing. right!).

Not sure about this site but thought it worth including

Lastly, and I’m not sure why I’m including this link, did you know that the word fox -apart from the usual meanings – also means to be drunk? well I didn’t so there.

Well that’s yer lot. Soon I’ll find a theme/template I like and can stick to…bye

(N.B *I do this blogging stuff instead of actually painting and being a Creative Genius. It’s also  referred to as a fallow period/procrastination/collecting reference and whatever other terms you’d like to apply. hm)