Onions, cats and rabbits

If you haven’t looked at The Onion I suggest you do. It’s only a suggestion and doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it.

The Laughing Squid (an online resource for interesting art, culture & technology) has an article about artist Hong Yi’s coffee stain portrait. Sometimes these things seem gimmicky but there’s a fine line between gimmick and art a lot of the time, it seems to me. A fine line between lots of things and art, in fact…

I bought a postcard of ‘Cowboy Joe from Mexico’

Cowboy Joe by Angela Lizon

some time ago and just discovered it’s by Angela Lizon, from her cat lives paintings.  I found the link through the artcurator.com which has lots of interesting articles if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

The Art Rabbit site – “ArtRabbit is the online tool for everyone interested in the UK’s vibrant contemporary art scene – connecting hundreds of   venues with thousands of daily visitors and their opinions” – has every exhibition and event listed you could possibly want to go to. You can also post your own exhibs, find venues etc.

Also discovered an exhibition ‘It’s a Girl’ by Sarah Maple (you can download a .pdf of the exhibition catalogue) through the Art Rabbit site. Her work features paintings and photographs questioning stereotypes of femininity i.e you don’t actually have to be a barbie to be a girlie etc and reflects the influence of the  work of Cindy Sherman on today’s generation of artists.

'it's a girl!'

And jolly good too.

we all know this feeling....Pinterest.

And I’ve just discovered Pinterest – another good excuse for the computer –  here’s an example from The Bloggess with stuff I like too and you might like. They also may like. There’s some grammar. No more having to actually write stuff (phew!).

Blimey, three discoveries in one session. I must go and lie down.

ps This article: ‘From Symbolism to Surrealism’ isn’t comedy. Well – it could be, like everything else. Some will find it interesting some will just laugh.