Sea Soup, Kunkle and Spirit Hoods

My Life in Art by Mandy Baker looks very interesting:

“These photographs are part of the ‘Soup’ series, named after the term given to plastic debris in the sea. All content has been salvaged from beaches around the world”.

Ruinous Remembrance by MB

Another find is Brad Kunkle (which is a surname I never knew about). He paints in oils and gold leaf which give the paintings a glowing effect. I bet they are fabulous in the flesh as it were.

The Source by Brad Kunkle

Also on the Untitled Magazine site you can buy  Spirit Hoods – is the clue in the title?

It says,for example, of the Fox Hood:

The Fox Hood

“People with the Fox spirit are extremely intelligent. They are cunning, attentive and masters of disguise. The Fox spirit is able to observe a situation, acquire a desired outcome and move with swiftness and thought of action in order to obtain it.”

I’m thinking of getting one. They make a change from the dead fox scarves of yore, don’t they?