Kundalini, Hirst and variables

1. First, I expect most people have seen the beautiful sand paintings but here’s a link anyway.

Sand paintings


2. and some beautiful scarves by kundaliniarts.co.uk. Maybe you could wear them whilst making sand paintings?

3. If you need a bit of creative help you can go tohttp://www.iartistlondon.com/products/ihirst and make your own Hirst skull, Blue Peter Method, with some old cereal boxes and tape. It’s a bit cheaper than the original but just as worth it….

'For the Love of God', 2007, by Damien Hirst

4. On Artlicks there’s some drawings of a flat tunnel by Nicholas Brooks. A different angle

5.  SoundCloud at the southbank centre’s website has interviews and music and you can upload your own too. fab!

6. Also the David Shrigley exhibition


Feeling Sad and Depressed? You might be suffering from CAPITALISM

8. Hockney’s showing some of hisipad doodles – Now i really REALLY want one (an ipad that is)  though oil paints are still too lovely.

9. One of my favourite contemporary artists that I forgot to include before is Alex Gross (click on pic).

8.  Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds

showing at the National History Museum

Skinned shark, one of the Animal Inside Out exhibits