yugen is like significant form?

Sun Set

Yugen‘ = is an untranslatable Japanese word alluding to the great mystery of life, the kind of mystery that is infinite and unknowable to our tiny human brains. Prickly Goo has done a bit of research.

Significant form is similar although it relates to art – that certain ‘something’ that a great painting has that’s hard to describe exactly. Wikipedia is always a good place to start looking.



has some of the best examples of the new craze of dog shaming. Funniest thing i have seen in a long time. Perhaps it’s the relief of knowing others’ dogs aren’t perfect?

Every night. 

Back to art:

Andrea Kowch‘s paintings are somewhat disturbing and evocative.

Lee Price – baths and cakes!

Meredith Dittmar‘s ‘human-animal-plant-energy amalgams contain threads of common elements and colors to express deep levels of union across themes of biology, technology and consciousness’.

Digital Art and Photoshop news: 

my research goes on. The Wacom Intuos5 medium tablet looks about the best at a price I could almost afford at some distant point in the future although the Wacom Cintiq is obviously the ultimate.


I’m looking for a little drawing table and this one is the nearest i can find to perfection. I just want a raised board, a bit of surface area for tea, pencils, putty rubbers etc and a smallish size as in not A0/A1/A2. You know, just a little desk that i can move around if i want to. A portable one. If you have any ideas then post comments below. Much appreciated.