To summarise: A fine figure of a woman – caring, warm loner seeks other bloggers approval for mutually beneficial online relationships. I am married to Jesus so no funny business ok?

I seem to have caught the blogging bug. I don’t know how long this will last but you can also see some of my paintings on here (plus some more links). If you really want to. Mainly it’s a good excuse for surfing the web and using stumbleupon…and a good way to remember things (…and other sad excuses, blah blah).

Contrary to popular belief I am not Persephone Jones nor will i ever be. But you can find her here.

thank you!

ps I did the header drawing based obviously on Alien 3 film poster. I’d had the idea for a long time and finally put it into action. I’m not really sure what it’s all about. It might be that whole ‘change is scary’ thing, who knows. If you release the amazing creature within …..oooerr I’m trembling just thinking about it.

Pps This blog is not ideally organised but that’s ok.