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Travis Louie and Alison Sommers sketch page – Graphite Bestiary- new!  The oldest living thing on earth is reckoned to be a bit of giant seagrass estimated by those who know at 200,000… Continue reading

… and duck shoes

Nature is fascinating – link found on twitter. ‘nature is a language can’t you read’ sadly I can’t….sob…..etc Do you like a Mallard or two? If so have a gander at these.  There’s… Continue reading

Inspiration In The Form of Other Blogs

I had to use the thesaurus to find the word I was looking for = inspiration (even though I use it a lot). Then the dictionary for the spelling. Good grief! and again… Continue reading


So this blog is about art (hopefully). My art, art I like and whatever. Art is something I enjoy and don’t make money from which is really lucky as I might stop enjoying… Continue reading