yugen is like significant form?

‘Yugen‘ = is an untranslatable Japanese word alluding to the great mystery of life, the kind of mystery that is infinite and unknowable to our tiny human brains. Prickly Goo has done a… Continue reading

Loads of excellent sites!

1. Tricia Clines sculptures: 2.my current favourites are Oleg Dou‘s digital manipulations. Click here for a short film about him on Adobe CS6 site. 3.The Discerning Eye accepting applications: 4. The Other Art fair –… Continue reading

Kundalini, Hirst and variables

1. First, I expect most people have seen the beautiful sand paintings but here’s a link anyway.  ———– 2. and some beautiful scarves by kundaliniarts.co.uk. Maybe you could wear them whilst making sand paintings?… Continue reading

Sea Soup, Kunkle and Spirit Hoods

My Life in Art by Mandy Baker looks very interesting: “These photographs are part of the ‘Soup’ series, named after the term given to plastic debris in the sea. All content has been… Continue reading

Boy Loses Leg In Totally Awesome Shark Attack

Boy Loses Leg In Totally Awesome Shark Attack, posted with vodpod it only took about 4 hours to learn how to do this video lark

Onions, cats and rabbits

If you haven’t looked at The Onion I suggest you do. It’s only a suggestion and doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it. The Laughing Squid (an online resource for interesting art, culture… Continue reading

Saw this and thought of you

Ben Heine does some great pop art with digital circles and Pierre Matter steampunks sculptures Quiet and beautifully delicate and tender sculptures from Yoshimasa Tsuchiya And some Fierce work here. Tempera and oil… Continue reading

Some Other Mental’s art

Though I’ve uploaded a couple of measly sketches, now. Found this link to David Feingold’s paintings on mentalspagetti.org. Pretty in yer face (which I like) and some other pretty interesting artists in the… Continue reading

New Browsings

In my latest roundup of browsings I found the Culture 24 site which has just about any and every exhibition in the UK. So if you fancy going to one today….go! An article… Continue reading

Tomma Abts

I just looked at the Greengrassi site and as usual was mesmerised by Tomma Abts paintings so thought I simply must paste a link to it for all of you millions of readers.… Continue reading